Possibly the biggest night of the year – an occasion to reward all the commitment and efforts of a few special people for the last 12 months.

But not everyone can be there on the night to see the passing of the award and the kiss on the cheek or the shake of the hand. High quality photos of the award recipients mean you can continue to celebrate the occasion with your colleges, clients and associates in a press release, blog post or newsletter.

Capturing that moment takes planning, coordination, skill and experience… something White Door Photography has in abundance!

White Door has the ability to deliver your award photos within 24 hours – or if need be on the night if you are doing live titter feeds.

Don’t cut corners on your award photography… or you will be kicking yourself for the next 12 months!

Auckland Awards Photographer

Wearable Arts Award – Supreme Winner and Judges

Auckland Awards Photographer

Matt Humer Receives the NEiTA Award for Teaching 2012.


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